Greener pastures

It was almost three years ago that I started this blog. In the time since then, I’ve learned a lot,  my thinking on food and agriculture issues has evolved, and I’ve come to think differently about the way in which I communicate. To make a long story short, I decided a while ago that this was no longer the blog I wanted to be writing.

These days, you can find me at Inexact Change. That’s not to say that I’m opposed to writing about Michael Pollan; my latest post is a review of his new book Cooked, and in the near future I’ll be posting a video of the exchange I had with Joel Salatin (which I paraphrased on this blog). If you’ve found this blog interesting, I hope you’ll take a look.

I also wanted to mention that last year, I was interviewed by Rhys Southan for his Let Them Eat Meat blog. Rhys asked some great questions, and we discussed animal ethics, my motivations for writing this blog, and more.

In the event that I’m made aware of errors in my work, I will post corrections here, but otherwise I don’t intend to update this blog further.

So long, and thanks for reading!



  1. Loving the new blog, thanks for the headsup. What will happen to Say what, Michael Pollan?

    • I don’t think much of anything is going to happen to this blog. I intend to leave it right here.

      Do you have other ideas for it?

      • Anastasia said

        This blog has been really important for corrections, and inspired me to attempt to create a place to post additional corrections. That didn’t quite work out but it still seems there is a need to post such things. I’m not sure what the best way would be.

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