On the function of a leavening agent

A sentence after the passage I quoted in my last post, things get a little bit bizarre. Pollan writes of the leavening agents,

These are antioxidants added to keep the various animal and vegetable fats involved in a nugget from turning rancid. (113)

This might very well describe a certain class of preservative, but the purpose of a leavening agent is to make a dough rise. In the chicken nuggets, they most likely are used in the breading.

This is an error that I struggle to comprehend. It doesn’t seem plausible that the writer who later writes about his Passover tradition could have grown up believing that holiday’s prohibition of leavened bread was merely a ban on breads with preservatives. That an error like this could have found its way into print just makes no sense to me.


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  1. Incredibly sloppy editing. I remember my eyebrow constantly shooting up when I read the book, but I made no effort stop and write down each mistake I encountered. I’m glad somebody is finally doing this!

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