The road ahead

In the coming days, I’ll begin a relatively long series of posts on The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I have read the book twice already, and I have fairly extensive notes based on these readings. My plan is to go through the book a third time, and write a set of posts following the order of the book. I expect that most of the posts will be short, ideally making a concise point. When I think it will be useful, I may write longer posts to tie together points made in the shorter posts.

From my referrer data and comments I’ve received so far, it’s my understanding that most of my readers want to hear about animal-related issues. There will be plenty of that, but I’ll write about other things, too. Where I think Pollan misrepresents science, I’ll say so, and I’ll have at least one post where I argue that certain criticisms of McDonald’s are misguided.

After I work my way through The Omnivore’s Dilemma, I’ll start on his more recent books. I don’t plan on going back to his non-food-related works because my interest is mostly in Pollan’s food politics. I will cover current writings and statements as things come out.

Thanks for reading. I hope I can make it worth your time.



  1. Natalie said

    I’m really enjoying your commentary.

  2. Molly said

    Also enjoying it. Thank you for doing this. I haven’t read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” but was considering it. I think I may read it along with your posts.

  3. Adam Merberg said

    Thanks both for your comments.

    Molly, if you want to try reading along, do be warned that my pace will probably be frustratingly slow because I’ll be taking quite a bit of time to think and write about things. It’s an enjoyable read, the kind of book where you want to see what comes next. Of course, the worst that happens is you end up finishing the book when I’m on page 20 or so.

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