As a sustainable and local food activist, I find Michael Pollan to be a singularly frustrating figure.

On the one hand, he raises awareness about issues pertaining to food sustainability and animals, both issues that are important to me, and I very much appreciate that he does this. But sometimes, he’ll write or say something that seems like it hasn’t received proper scrutiny. This blog will attempt to point out some of these instances.

This is not an anti-Pollan blog. I think that what Michael Pollan does is very valuable. However, I also happen to think that it’s valuable to have somebody pointing out ways his writings could be made more thoughtful and more accurate. I’ve hoped that somebody would do this ever since I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma two years ago. Only now am I confronting the fact that I am somebody and doing it myself.



  1. Molly said

    Bravo! I am a new-ish vegan, and Pollan helped usher me into the movement – but I soon became tired of hearing him lauded as a hero over and over. Thank you for fact-checking. Work like this is needed across the world. I’ll be a regular reader.

  2. lance said

    Thanks for putting forth the effort to do this… it’s much appreciated.

  3. kimberlee said

    On NPR they had a bad food confessions skit where they confessed to Pollan like he was a catholic priest. It was silly but also satisfying to hear them gross him out.

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